Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise, mirroring the exponential growth of the digital currency industry, currently valued at approximately $1.6 billion. Individuals in prominent regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, China, and Hong Kong are falling victim to these scams, primarily due to deceptive crypto investments.

The global fascination with cryptocurrency has turned it into an attractive investment prospect, surpassing traditional trading markets like FX and stocks. Consequently, a growing number of people are venturing into cryptocurrency investments, exploring various unfamiliar currencies with the hopes of quick profits. Unfortunately, many end up falling prey to scam coins or fraudulent crypto schemes. Recognizing the importance of understanding both cryptocurrency and the diverse forms of crypto fraud is crucial to avoid being misled by a fake cryptocurrency.

Identifying a trustworthy broker often involves a time-consuming process with numerous verification steps. To simplify this procedure, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of fraudulent cryptocurrency brokers. By consulting this list, you can easily steer clear of potential scams and opt for brokers who haven’t earned a spot on our crypto scammer list.

Despite the lack of regulations in the cryptocurrency realm, reporting fraud associated with these digital assets is still possible. Victims of crypto fraud can file complaints with local financial regulatory agencies or reach out to law enforcement with pertinent information. This proactive approach aims to curtail the prevalence of cryptocurrency scams and protect investors from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Here is the recent list of cryptocurrency scammer. Avoid scams by searching this list and investigating suspicious website, you may be dealing with a crypto scammer.

Cryptoexpo SiaCashCoin Sint Global Sirinlabs Token
Skyrim SMART Trade COIN SmartCash Smartfox
Snowball Mining Sparkster Spectrecoin Stakenet STARDUST coin
Stopthefakes StopTheFakes Stox Subi Platform SUCRE MONEDA
Sudan Gold Coin Superstreamtoken Swissrealcoin OMC Markets TaTaTu
TechCoin The Liberty Coin TipperEconomy Tkeycoin
Superstreamtoken Traxalt Traxion token Trextokens Tronclassic
BitBlender UbiatarPlay Ucoincash UHUB token UltraPay Coin
Umicoin Universa Upstake VapersCoin VEEN Vendicoins Vendio Lantcing Double Diamond Coin Vernam
VIPSTAR COIN Visus Volix Network Cryptolux Walletoken
WaltonChain WebDollar WeKu Winged Zantepay
ZECD Zero ZEROCOIN Zynecoin Grandefex
Crytomama Bitclub Plexcoin Benebit Bitconnect
Confido RECoin Ponzicoin Karbon Paxful
OneCoin Coinbase Enigma Bitqyck PayCoin
Bitcoin Wallets Pure Bit iFan AIZeus Abeonacoin
ALL.ME Alphatech Apollocurrency Arabinvest ARBITRAGE
Arbitraging Artax ATBcoin Atkcoin Changenow
ATRONOCOM Auroracoin Bankera Befund Beldex