Review: Is
legit or Scam?


Is legit or scam? A common question from investors.

This is a review of scam.

To report a crypto scam, suspicious website, scam crypto exchange, or a crypto scammer, individuals are advised to report to detectingscams.

The legitimacy of is often questioned by investors, prompting thorough examination.

This review scrutinizes the potential scam associated with

Scam brokers, like, may operate across multiple jurisdictions without adhering to regulations set by reputable financial authorities such as FSMA, FCA, CySec, ASIC, and others. However, beyond regulatory concerns, there are numerous other indicators suggesting this broker’s potential scam activities.

Additional red flags include a multitude of complaints, negative ratings on, and various suspicious elements. Investing with this broker may pose risks to your funds.


About Broker Scam presents itself as an investment platform promising users the opportunity to generate passive income. However, it is suspected to be a fraudulent scheme. It is advisable to refrain from investing money with this broker to avoid potential losses. operates within the cryptocurrency niche as well. Notably, the broker’s website lacks essential information about its team members, opting instead for stock photos, which raise concerns about transparency and reliability. Such practices underscore the risks associated with investing through this platform.

Despite attempts to appear authorized, fails to align its operations accordingly. Obtaining a FINCEN certificate for an MSB registration is a tactic often utilized by offshore con artists, employing false information for accreditation.


Potential Dishonest Practices of Unlicensed Scam Broker

This analysis highlights several potential reasons for labeling as a scam broker:

  • Misleading Statements: The broker might make false claims on its website to entice investors.
  • Fraudulent Policies:’s policies concerning bonuses, withdrawals, and other regulations could be deceptive.
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics: Traders report receiving persistent calls pressuring them to increase investments.
  • Unrealistic Guarantees: The broker may promise unrealistic returns to lure investors.
  • Concealed Risks: Risk warnings might be hidden or omitted from the website.
  • Lack of Regulation: may operate from jurisdictions with lax regulations, common among scam brokers.
  • Withdrawal Restrictions: Investors might encounter unlawful withdrawal restrictions when attempting to access their funds.
  • Evading Accountability: The broker might change its name and website URL without notifying existing traders, potentially to evade scrutiny.

Is a Scam?

Despite any positive reviews, is suspected of being a scam. Investors are strongly advised against engaging with this platform.

For those who have already invested in, it is recommended to cease further deposits immediately, especially if charged a fee for withdrawals. Payment of such fees should be avoided.

Reports and Reviews of Broker Scam has garnered numerous negative evaluations, with traders filing numerous complaints against the broker.

DetectingScams has extensively researched this broker and included it in warnings against scam brokers due to bad reviews, complaints, and other suspicious activities.

Legitimacy of Scam or Legit?

DetectingScams Investigations does not endorse dealing with this broker due to potential risks to investors’ funds.

Given the unfavorable review of, investors are advised to seek out authorized and reputable brokers for their investment needs.

When evaluating brokers, it is essential to verify their certifications, as this indicates whether is regulated by a credible authority or operates as an unregulated offshore entity.

Brokers regulated by authorities such as FSMA, CySEC, FCA, ASIC, among others, offer greater protection to investors. Conversely, unregulated brokers, especially those operating outside the investor’s jurisdiction, pose higher risks.

Victims of potential scams involving are encouraged to report the suspicious website and any scam crypto exchanges. Additionally, reporting a crypto scammer can help prevent further fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency space. Professional organizations like DetectingScams offer support in developing persuasive chargeback plans to increase the chances of recovering assets lost to online fraud.

Have you been scammed by

If you have lost money with, do not be worried. You are not the first and unlikely to be the last. Mistakes may happen to even the most attentive investors, and they should be seen as learning experiences.

If you or someone you know has been swindled by, please submit a complaint.

The chainalysis experts affiliated with detectingscams, a professional organization committed to assisting customers in recovering monies stolen online, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has helped investors all over the world regain millions of dollars.

A payment chargeback is the retroactive cancellation and return of a charge made using your credit card, wire transfer, or another payment method.

Victims of online fraud can increase their chances of recovering part or all of their lost assets by developing a persuasive chargeback plan from start to finish.