Inside the Mess: How People Lost Big and the Company Crashed

It’s still shocking to think I fell for a Forex scam. I thought I was careful, but proved me wrong. I want to share my story so others won’t make the same mistake.

When I signed up for, I was excited about making extra money from forex trading. They claimed to be a reliable platform with an 80% winning rate, which got my attention.

I opened two accounts with and deposited $3450. At first, things seemed okay. I could trade, and my accounts were growing. But soon, problems arose. had higher spreads than other platforms, and my profits weren’t adding up. When I asked about it, they blamed my trading mistakes. I found it hard to believe I was making so many errors when I followed their signals closely.

Despite my doubts, I kept depositing money as they encouraged me to recover losses. But when I tried to withdraw, I couldn’t access my funds. My balance showed over $3,000, but withdrawal wasn’t possible.

Customer support stopped responding, and asked for more money, claiming it was for trading taxes. I realized something was wrong. I tried to stop trading and withdraw my money, but they ignored me.

I realized I’d been scammed, losing over $3,000. blocked my accounts, leaving me with nothing.

I reported them and found others had similar experiences. helped me with a free consultation and recommended services to recover my funds.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, consider reporting crypto scams or suspicious websites. It’s crucial to report scam crypto exchanges and crypto scammers to protect yourself and others in the community. Report crypto scams promptly to prevent others from falling prey to fraudulent schemes.

Looking back, I should’ve researched more. operated without proper licenses or regulations. I hope my story warns others about forex trading scams. Beware of platforms like Check the Forex Scammer List and choose trustworthy platforms before investing your money.

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